Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Google (Blogger) Windows Live Writer Working Again

After a full week off downtime, Google has finally fixed the issue which was blocking so many Blogger users from uploading posts through Windows Live Writer. No update has been received as to what exactly they did to resolve the problem, but it is clear that only Google made a change no update was required on Windows Live Writer. My guess is they reenabled ClientLogin and OAuth on their servers.
For how long can we expect Google to accept the old less secure communications. Google announced the deprecation of these components as early as 2012. In April Google made it very clear that they were going to shutdown ClientLogin and similar components, but Microsoft is no longer maintain Windows Live Writer. Will Microsoft open source this product or apply a new patch set for it’s legacy users is still unknown.
We can say that this is was a Google issue, but the reality is that we can not expect the software giant to not secure its apps, instead we should expect that it delivers secure communications. What would be nice is if Google’s giant development team could support the effort of building a strong blog editing client, or updating a couple of the most popular ones since it’s own editing tool has never had any popularity. Google could try to force users down the path of using the tool, but the tool is slow and clumsy even though it has the features required to post blogs.
Let’s hope for an update both from Microsoft, Zoundry and a few other of the popular editing tools.

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