Monday, June 1, 2015

JXplorer Searching Your AD Repo

JXplorer is a simple tool to work with Ldap or Active Directory Servers. If you are a developer like me you may have come across the need to test ldap connectivity with your application. Being able to see your ldap information and understand what truly is listed for the testing user is important. JXplorer is an excellent tool for Windows to allow you to view users and their current configuration. Here you can check if a user is in an expected group and shorten your work time researching failures that are truly based on account configuration.
Here’s a quick example of how to do a quick test to verify a users configuration against a Windows Active Directory Server.
Why is this helpful? If your on a team were development is separate from Active Directory Management you may lack the tools to see your AD repository. At the same time you may be required to configure your application or users based on their Active Directory configuration. Although you may have requested a specific configuration from the team that supports AD you may find that this configuration is not what you were looking for or was misconfigured. As a developer you can spend hours researching and troubleshooting applications that had no issue other then a misconfiguration in the AD settings for an individual user or a whole team.There are many tools to search AD configuration, some of these tools are command line and cumbersome to learn. JXplorer is a graphical tool that is quick to learn for the average developer and takes almost no AD experience to understand.
1. Download & Install JXplorer
JXplorer Download
This is a standard windows install so no real explanation needed here.
2. Start JXplorer in “Start,Programs”
Create a new connection.

Enter your Active Directory Connection Information
Choose to save this as a template to speed up entry in the future.image
4. Run a search from JXplorer, Change fields you want to search from from address, to name or additional fields, change operator type to like or exact match and enter your search criteria.SNAGHTML127a00b
Change the view to see all information by choosing the “Simple.html” formatSNAGHTML129790b
5. From the simple.html view you can scroll down to see User Account information, such as SamAccount info or Groups for the user.
There’s many other things you can do with JXplorer but basic look ups are a good place to start with a developer to help troubleshoot configuration issues.
Good Luck

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