Monday, June 1, 2015

Windows Live Writer and Blogger still fail with images

After almost a week of waiting today a fix finally came for the Windows Live Writer and Blogger issue, unfortunately this fix was not a complete fix and for many users almost worthless. To the joy of many users a notice was sent that these two applications were once again talking to each other. After a quick test post I to was happy. Surprise after trying to publish a full post I found the reality was only a partial fix. Any posts with images instantly failed with either the notfound error or the username error once again. This does give me hope through that Google and Microsoft are working together to resolve this issue. In the meantime I will be doing a work around three thanks to a commenter on one of my posts that will allow for both content, images and hyperlinks to all show up in blogger while using windows Live writer. It takes a little work initially but once set up it works amazingly. Watch for Work Around 3 post some time later this evening, if the fix does not come out sooner.

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