Saturday, May 30, 2015

Installing DNS on Linux 7 (Redhat, Centos, Oracle Linux)

When Building a home network, one of the first servers I like to build is a dns server. This server saves me time from going from multiple machines and entering host records to keep my servers talking to each other by name. In a small home network I will usually build the following servers all on a single server to save resources, a dns server, a yum repository server, a version control system and a file server. I will not usually share a web server or database server on a single server but I have found that these other application can share a small single instance and help my productivity working in my home network. I can build two different internal dns servers and run them easily on two small virtual boxes on two different low end machines. this keeps redundancy but is not necessary. A work around for not building a dns server in a home testing network is to just add individual records in the host entry for each machine that needs to communicate.
Here's a quick tutorial on how I set up my home dns server.
I will be using Oracle Linux 7 but Centos and Red Hat 7 will work the same way.
1. Copy my Linux Base Install Clone.
Follow my previous tutorials to show how to install Linux 7 and clone an instance with a base install.
2. Update the current clone to the latest patchset on all software.
yum update -y

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