Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blogger isn't playing nicely; it's giving ScribeFire an error: May 2015

So not only does it look like Google has blocked out Windows Live Writer (WLW) but it also looks like it has broke many other popular blog editors. While testing a solution for the Windows Live Writer Blogger connectivity issue, I started testing the other most popular Windows based blogging tools. If your not aware in April Google announced it's deprecations of several less secure authentication tools. Tools that did not updated to OAuth 2 would fail. This change seems to have taken effect lat in May and hundreds of blogger users have been fighting through the disruption of their editing tools. My first assumption was that this would only impact Windows Live Writer since they had not updated the tool in many years. As I tried to find a reasonable alternative I was unable to find another blog editor that was currently working. I have tried several but can find little information on the issue from any vendors. I do not see anyone actively working to solve their tools issue. I do have a work around posted but it is poor to say the least. Here's what I found when testing Scribefire a popular blog editing plugin for Firefox and Chrome.
When connecting my account I received a "Blogger isn't playing nicely; it's giving ScribeFire an error". If you would like more information on this issue see my post entitled "Can't publish to Blogger".

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